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Third time recording a podcast has a lot of charm. This week Alaina and I continue to explore the ‘how’ of deep change and – ta-dah! – we’ve got our first contest (keep reading to get all the details).

Our goal with Happy to Be Here is to tell a ten chapter story that explores how we and others can chart a kinder, purpose-led path to wealth, health and happiness and to answer the question: who wants to build back better and where do we start? In Chapter 1 we explored why we and others are setting off down a purpose-led path, in Chapter 2 we asked how to encourage others to step into leadership and now in Chapter 3 we’re asking how you maintain momentum and scale up after the initial euphoria of starting something new. We sit down with Melissa O’Rourke, the Innovation Ecosystem Program Manager for Canada’s Ocean Supercluster and Mary Doyle, co-founder of Rural on Purpose to ask how can purpose-led entrepreneurs and innovators make it safely across the ‘valley of death’?

Melissa joined Canada’s Ocean Supercluster just over a year ago, working to connect all the various members to encourage collaboration, idea generation and commercialization of products and services. The Ocean Supercluster is one of five networks created via the federal government’s $950 million Innovation Supercluster Initiative, which aims to transform existing regional innovation ecosystems, or clusters, into superclusters to accelerate innovation, job creation and global ambitions. The Ocean Supercluster partnership is concentrated in Atlantic Canada and brings companies together to increase sustainable innovation and modernization across ocean sectors.

Mary has worked in both the community sector and the private sector and with Rural on Purpose she is looking to bring the best of both worlds together to help build an entrepreneurial culture in rural communities. Based in a small city along the shores of Lake Ontario, Mary works around the world to build capacity in rural centres. Her message is this: we are entering a new phase in human development and rural communities have a critical role to play. If we are paying close attention we’ll see the openings, the opportunities and the solutions to human problems that only functioning rural communities can provide. If we look even further out we’ll see the awesome responsibility that we have to provide these solutions.

Contest Time! We’re giving away two tickets to the Rural on Purpose E2 XChange, a virtual first networking event for rural innovators happening August 10th from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST.

The two-hour event simulates in-person networking using a virtual event space. You’ll be able to interact with others in a friendly and meaningful way and leave with new professional connections and leads. To enter, just leave a comment under the post for this story on our Deep Change Network Facebook page or on Alaina or my LinkedIn pages. We’ll draw the lucky winners on Wednesday August 5th after 5 p.m. EST.


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