Thank you. The response to Deep Change’s first few weeks has been amazing and so we’re branching out.

Starting today I’ll be managing Deep Change’s public conversations and activities separate from the research activities at the university. To get started, I’m teaming up with to launch the Deep Change Happy Hour, a lively lunchtime conversation with fellow purpose-led entrepreneurs, innovators and sleeve-rolling get-stuff-done kind of people.

Join us inaugural chat with six community leaders who are building grassroots movements for change in the green economy, eco-tourism, the arts, population growth, rural development and cooperatives.

You’ll see I’ve changed the name of the Facebook page to Deep Change Happy Hour to reflect our new focus on public, community-focused conversations.

Moving forward, I’ll be sharing articles, commentaries and interviews here on the with people who are actively working to do things differently in their communities. We define community as both place-based and interest-based.

I’m looking forward to connecting and sharing ideas on how we can lead with purpose and build back better together.

For those of you interested in the study of the emerging practice, theory and study of deep change, I’ll post soon on how you can get involved via the work I’m doing with and through the Deep Change research initiative.


Deep Change

Learning to build back better and lead with purpose, together